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First, service commitment:
(a) the day customer feedback problem in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai customers within 24h at company consultations solve the remaining provinces within three days to consult the factory to solve.
(two) if the material is found to work in bad or not in place. Our company is committed to the customer within 24 hours to re fill.
In order to ensure the commitment to the product in use for a long time in the process of wear, contamination, anti impact, eventually the product were very strict tracking
(four) all the customers who have worked with the company, the technical staff of our company are not less than three times a year to investigate the use of the user.
Two, delivery commitment:
(a) the product delivery time: as far as possible according to user requirements, if there are special requirements, the special organization can be immediately production and processing, and strive to meet the needs of users.
(two) when the goods are delivered, I provide the following documents to the user;
Product quality assurance
The product delivery
The purchased parts specifications and manufacturer
To provide spare parts, spare parts list, and with a certain amount of spare parts
(three) in the warranty period, our company technical personnel not less than three times a year follow-up survey of users!
Three, technical service commitment:
(a) to accept the customer's product variety, specifications, technical standards, technical standards and the main purpose of the advisory;
(two) actively develop and develop new products to meet customer needs;
(three) according to the customer's requirements for on-site service, solve the problem of product processing, use of the relevant technical issues.
Four. After sales service work flow:
If you purchase the company's products appear quality, quantity and other objection, please contact us in time in writing, and to provide the following documents and information:
(a) the purchase of the invoice and product quality certificate of the product;
(two) reflect the delivery time, number, quantity and written objection;
(three) the original score (bundle) acceptance check. We will quickly send professional staff to deal with.
Five, delivery service commitment:
(a) in strict accordance with the provisions of the contract delivery, the goods sent out 48 hours after the receipt of the goods received;
(two) strictly in accordance with the provisions of the loading, not overloaded, not biased, not set weight;
(three) the goods code, invoice and warranty shall be sent within 24 hours after delivery.






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