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Mechanical parts cleaning method

Dirt mechanical parts are mainly grease sludge, anti-rust oil and other mixtures thereof, can be cleaned with an alkaline cleaning solution, electrochemical cleaning, can also be used ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning is a cleaning specialist category , an industrial cleaning.

Alkaline cleaning fluid

Alkaline cleaning liquid chemical cleaning process: racking - alkaline cleaning - washing (50-900C hot water) - dried (hot air dry cleaning, requiring strict parts, by compressed air, the also you need to bake 10min at 105-1150C of electric blast oven.

Alkaline cleaning solution electrochemical cleaning


Alkaline solution electrochemical cleaning should note the following point: not cleaned parts surface thick oil, when the oil is thick need to use other methods for pre-cleaning; general steel should be cleaned on the cathode, the anode and then cleaning, for spring pieces, thin-walled steel, high strength steel pieces can not be cleaned on the cathode (hydrogen permeation to avoid material to produce hydrogen embrittlement); parts of copper, zinc, nickel and other materials can not be cleaned on the anode (to avoid surface oxidation); quantitative analysis of electrolyte regularly, according to analysis of the results of additional drugs.

Electrochemical cleaning in mechanical repairs, used to clean parts needed to repair and re-plating before the electroplating.






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