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Cleaning machine selection method

In industrial production, cleaning machine is a kind of very common cleaning tools, but the choice of cleaning machine is a need to consider the matter:
First, when you buy a washing machine, we must know their own production of products can be in what way to clean, because of the different effects of different cleaning machine; what we need in industry washing machine more should is quick and convenient, the losses to a minimum cost savings for the enterprise.
Second, the need to know your cleaning products, it needs to reach what kind of cleanness, according to the different cleanliness, can choose different types. Industry especially heavy industry we reducer in use process will cause a lot of impurities and iron this time requires our washing machine cleaning effect to good. Gear box washing machine with gear box the original drainage oil system and filtration of lubricating oil for cleaning the gear box, does not change the gear box any hardware facilities, does not add any cleaning agent, to ensure the safe operation of the gear box, prolonging the service life of the gear box. Not only can achieve the effect of cleaning can help us to reduce the emergence of security risks.
Third, need to know how many products will be achieved, because the efficiency of cleaning machine. In the industry a lot of equipment need to be cleaned is relatively large, so many of the market cleaning machine is no way to achieve the cleaning equipment is larger, so we in the choice of cleaning machine of the time to see you cleaning machine parameters. 

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