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How to install the emulsion pump parts

Mainly for the comprehensive mechanical coal mining face of the hydraulic powered support to provide power source, can also be used for ground and other hydraulic equipment.
1, first check the dismantling of the pump parts are intact.
2, according to the number of parts to be installed, its working position should be level, and the basis is real.
The fixed bolt 3, motor and pump must be tightened, the motor shaft and the pump shaft is coaxial with the coupling between the two, should leave the space of 2-4mm.
4, before use, should be the liquid tank in the body cavity clean.
5, the connection between the emulsion tank and pump suction pipe, high-pressure pipeline, unloading pipeline.
6, connected to the emulsion mixing device of the water pipe.
7, according to the proportion of 3-5% containing emulsified oil in the water solution to prepare enough of the emulsion, the liquid tank to observe the liquid level of the liquid level.
8, connected to the working surface of the high pressure pipe and return pipe line and connecting the motor line (voltage 660V).

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