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Pre training program for ultra high pressure water jet equipment

One, the use of ultra high pressure water jet sets of equipment for the security regulations
In order to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the company, the relevant security regulations are formulated.
1, after receiving new equipment after the equipment department shall immediately on all equipment nameplate factory and related parameters, and remove the cover.
2, at the construction site, the use of equipment should be set large equipment signage and should include equipment and patented technology number (gun bracket walking system patent No. ZL200920227992.6) all the people and contact information.
3, the construction site equipment used should be set up warning obstacle and arrange for special duty, and prohibit unauthorized persons from entering the construction site.
4, the equipment using the project department to deal with the equipment purchase contract, manufacturers, price, construction technology and related technical parameters information to take strict security measures, not to not leak.
5, all equipment related personnel, technical personnel and project related personnel in the use of equipment before the company signed a contract with the company.
Two, the safety measures of field operation
Using 1, must be clear before working site and at jet range greater than 10 meters set fence, rope and other cautionary barriers to prevent the idlers into. "High pressure water jet work on the job site! Danger!" "Construction area, please do not come close to!" Waiting for eye-catching signs.
2, such as the operation to be limited, the need to set up the operating points around the barrier, etc., will be shot into the water or flying debris flow in a limited field, so as not to hurt.
3, arrange for the construction of the regional order.
Safety standard three, the personnel work of the super high pressure water gun
1, using a combination of eyepiece and with full face guard helmet;
2, hand and foot can use rubber gloves and waterproof overshoe;
3, the body must wear a good performance of waterproof protective clothing, can cover the whole body.Four, the safety of the ultra-high pressure water jet equipment
1, the motive force of the high pressure water jet equipment driven by 160kW diesel engine and pump parameters for 150Mpa/50L. The system is composed of a high pressure water pump, relief valve, safety valve, a foot valve, water gun, a water inlet high-pressure hose and other components. Work when the water from the pump suction water, through the filter into the low pressure chamber, and after the three stage of the high pressure outlet, and then after a few high pressure pipe to work.
A condition: with the water switch. High pressure water is controlled by a switch on the gun's opening and stops, in high-pressure pump outlet is equipped with a pressure relief valve, excess water outflow of export by the relief valve; in the pressure gauge is provided with a safety valve, under unforeseen circumstances lead to pressure rise will automatically open to release the pressure, to protect the pump and the pressure indicating, while because of overload and accident is prevented.
Condition two: foot valve (don't switch with a gun). The high pressure water outlet pressure hose, straight to the rotating nozzle to work surface water. Operated by the foot pedal control valve to control the opening and stopping.
2, the structure of high pressure pump
The high pressure water pump is a device for converting the kinetic energy of the diesel engine into a high pressure liquid pressure energy. WLQ type pump is a horizontal three plunger reciprocating pump. Diesel engine by combined coupling, gear reducer, driven by a crank connecting rod to rotate, so that the piston to do reciprocating motion and keep the water suction extrusion, and successively increase the pressure. The connecting rod is in the crankcase, and the lubricating oil in the crankcase is used to realize the splash lubrication.
3, the pump body is equipped with an overflow valve, safety valve. Overflow valve is an important component of the system, its role is to ensure that the work of the pipeline in the pre - set the pressure to work. Pump flow through the overflow valve is automatically divided into two parts, a water gun use, an excess flow from the bypass valve automatically. Always maintain the basic constant pressure.
4, the role of safety valve is to pump overload protection, when the pipeline is blocked or other unforeseen circumstances caused a sudden increase in pressure. At this time the relief valve spring is to open the high pressure, the pressure is released. 110% general safety valve to work pressure, after adjustment, with a lock nut, to prevent loosening.
5, foot valve use. In the use of a foot valve, the pressure must be set when the pedal, the pedal. When the pedal is not set foot, the valve core under the action of water pressure automatically shut off the valve, the valve outlet without high pressure water flow, the pressure water from the side of the back flow out of the mouth. To pump the pump under low pressure. When the pedal is stepped, the valve is opened, and the inlet and outlet are communicated, and the back liquid outlet is closed. The liquid return port must pick up liquid pipe.
6, gun. The gun is the actuator of high pressure water work. According to the needs of the work, can be used straight through water or water with switch. We use water gun is USA imported with switch gun, expensive, please be sure to take care of.
7, walking system device. This is a device designed according to the characteristics of our construction. It is composed of a walking track, a traction mechanism and a control mechanism. Is our own intellectual property rights. Can not be exposed. When used to install a good track, fixed traction motor, installed the walking mechanism and the gun fixed, adjusted to the proper distance. After confirmation to start the diesel engine.
8, the use and management of diesel engine.
The diesel engine is the introduction of stereotypes products, power is 160kW, before use should pay attention to the machine to fill the cooling water, check the oil level, check the gear box oil height, not height to add oil. The starting switch is arranged in the idle position, check machine around without obstacles, confirm the debris did not hinder the operation, can start the machine, start the machine, in the idle position run for 5-10 minutes. Slowly adjust the working pressure of water, adjust to a certain pressure to lock it. When you stop, you should adjust the pressure to zero.
Should pay attention to the supply of water in the use, often check the filter is blocked, often cleaning filter.
In the work, pay attention to the working conditions of high pressure water, pay attention to the water pipe leak.
Pay attention to electricity, to prevent water leakage and traction motor in electric switch.
After the completion of the work, clean up the traction device and high pressure pipe and other tools, into the specified toolbox. Do not lose an item.Five. Safety operation regulations for the use of ultra high pressure water jet equipment
In order to regulate the operation procedure and operation method of ultra high pressure water jet equipment, avoid all kinds of safety accidents.
1, the operating personnel must be trained, qualified and approved by the relevant departments of the company after the appointment;
2, before the operation, the operator should wear protective equipment, including head, hand, foot, body and eye protection;
3, operation personnel especially the operator of the gun must be in physical and energetic to posts to carry out the construction work;
4, the preparation of equipment before the start of the preparatory work:
4-1, should check the machine around the machine to prevent the operation of goods and debris;
4-2, install the pressure gauge, check whether the connection is reliable;
4-3, check the diesel oil bottom shell oil dipstick and the gearbox dipstick, N68, mechanical lubricating oil whether in the provisions of the scale range between (the highest and lowest scale). N68 number of mechanical oil should be added in the absence of oil. ;
4-4, the machine starts at idle position on 5-10 minutes, without exception, the switch can be hit at full speed;
4-5, the package of good exposure, to prevent the water into the electrical appliances, causing electrical or personal accident;
4-6, water delivery pipeline should be to prevent the hard and heavy goods to press, should always check the skin of the pipe is broken to timely report technical person in charge, waiting for processing;
5, machine pressure should be slowly, pay attention to the operation of the machine. Adjust the pressure of the operator should work closely with the operator to maintain close contact and cooperation, to prevent the sudden rise in pressure caused by a sudden error;
6, found that leakage and faults should be immediately shutdown inspection, repair, replacement and commissioning, a re examination of each control valve is in the normal position, confirm without any error, can continue operating pressure increased;
7, each control valve should be specifically responsible for the control, operators of the gun in a dangerous state should immediately let go Song Kaiqiang on the valve, or foot pedal valve foot valve, high pressure water is in a low pressure state, to ensure the safety of person and equipment;
8, the safety valve can not be adjusted to adjust to the technical staff must be approved by the consent and approval, at any time to check the safety valve bolts position, the lock nut is loose phenomenon;
9, the working state of the equipment is prohibited under the joint protection, tamper with hose buckle, fasteners and pump all bearing parts;
10, holding gun operator, in the post after not slapstick, laughing, in any case not the gun head in front after the cessation of the construction of the human body, the gun head should be downwards placed.
11, in the ultra high pressure water jet work area must be set up fence, and on the fence to write a "high pressure water jet operation! Danger! Do not close! "And other slogans;
10, in the 12 meters away from the rope, mesh belt, etc., to prevent the non staff into the construction site, causing the occurrence of accidents.
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